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Guy Makes Incredible Superhero Pumpkins For Halloween

Each year I spend a good hour or two attempting to carve some sort of scary face into a pumpkin for Halloween.

Despite all the blood, sweat and tears that goes into my efforts using a reasonably blunt kitchen knife, they never exactly turn out great often ending up in the bin rather than on display.

This Halloween though I am feeling quite inspired to get extra creative thanks to one guy’s pumpkins which have been taking the internet by storm.

35-year-old Andy Manoloff from Indiana, America, has always loved Halloween but was pretty tired of carving the same designs into pumpkins. So in 2009 he decided to put his imagination to good use and try something different.

Using a combination of traditional carving and etching techniques, Andy carved an Iron Man design into a pumpkin sharing the images online.

Andy’s pumpkin not only won local and online contests, but it also went viral and so he challenged himself to go bigger and better each Halloween since.

You can check out some of Andy’s incredible pumpkin carving work in the video below:

Since 2009 then Andy has carved an intricate design into a pumpkin for every Halloween, often choosing superheroes for his subject.

Popular comic book characters including Wonder Woman, Batman and most recently Thanos, the villain from this year’s hit film Avengers: Infinity War, have featured on Andy’s pumpkins.

Sharing his Mad Titan on Reddit, the image blew up receiving over 54,00 upvotes at time of writing (October 26).

You can watch Andy carve Thanos, complete with the Infinity Gauntlet of course, in the video below:

While Andy is a fan of film, he makes miniature and sometimes full-scale replicas of props, characters and scenes from television and cinema for his own business Doggie Doc Designs, he says due to the design of comic book characters they are perfect for pumpkin carving.

Explaining why to UNILAD, he said:

Superheroes from film became a natural subject of choice due to the dramatic costumes, lighting and the fact I am a fan.

More specifically when choosing an image I always try to choose something that has dramatic lighting, in particular something with some sort of intense highlights or actual light (for example Iron Man’s chest light).

One year though Andy did something completely different creating what he called the ‘Sophie the dog-o-lantern’.

It is amazing how accurate the pumpkin portrait of Sophie is:

These works of arts do of course take hours to create with Andy saying the preparation time alone, putting the pattern onto the pumpkin, can take anywhere from four to ten hours.

The carving itself then takes between eight and 20 hours for each pumpkin.

I think we can all agree though the hard work does pay off!

While Andy does use ‘a simple x-acto knife with a few different blades’ for ’95 per cent of a carving’, he does use from ‘small serrated blades’ from a Pumpkin Masters kit as well as a traditional butcher’s knife to open the pumpkin and clear it out.

The detailed and complicated nature of the work though does mean it isn’t exactly an easy task, despite using simple tools:

In terms of precision you do have to be quite precise. In my opinion it is the small details that really make these carvings stand out.

However mess-ups and mistakes are inevitable and these take far too long to do over, so I have gotten very good at incorporating mistakes into the carving itself and doing my best to have them go unnoticed, as if they were always a part of the design.

I definitely feel like I have improved every year even though I only do a single carving each year. Most years the subject I have chosen requires some sort of new or varies technique from years past so I need to figure out the best way to go about it.

Andy does love though the new challenges each pumpkin presents him and the reaction his creations receive online also encourages him to do something even more extravagant further testing himself.

Asking Andy which one was his favourite to work on was left him with a difficult decision to make as the question ‘was a tough one to answer’.

He concluded though his favourite is always the most recent one he completed meaning this year it is Thanos.

Looking at his past carvings though, Andy does believe ‘Thanos probably tops them all’.

Well, according to the end of Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos is the most powerful being in the universe so of course he is also the king of all Andy’s pumpkins.

Guy Trolls FedEx and UPS

If you have ever received a frustrating ‘sorry we missed you’ note from a delivery company knowing full well you were at home that day, well, I feel your pain.

Deliveries are meant to be simple. You order something either online or in store to be delivered to your house. You stay at home awaiting the delivery but no one ever knocks or calls.

Eventually you notice a missed delivery notice has been slipped through your letterbox leaving you angry, irritated and wondering what is so hard about knocking on a door. In fact, isn’t that meant to be the courier’s job?

Tired of these notes, 31-year-old Gavin Morgan from Vancouver, Canada decided to do something about it setting up a fake company whose sole purpose is to troll couriers like FedEx and UPS sending them missed delivery notices.

His company, Abney Delivers, sends these funny notes to couriers on behalf of hundreds of exasperated customers who put in requests via Gavin’s website.

Sticking the notes on the doors of various UPS and FedEx centres across Canada, the reasons for missing the delivery include ‘address was a mirage’, ‘buzzer gave me the stink eye’, ‘recipient did not have 27 pieces of government ID’ and, my personal favourite, ‘buzzer tried to make fetch happen’.

Speaking to UNILAD, Gavin explained the idea came to him after a ‘really infuriating experience’ with the UPS customer service team.

He said:

I was expecting two deliveries from UPS in the same week. The first one was delivered fine. The second one, the driver left a note on the system saying my address could not be found. Apparently it didn’t exist.

My apartment address hadn’t changed, the buzzer worked, my building hadn’t disappeared and to this day, still hasn’t.

I phoned customer service and asked if they could try deliver again. The customer service person was convinced my address didn’t exist. She was really sure of this – even though her colleague had found the place a few days before.

I asked for my stuff to be delivered work instead and was told it’d cost $15 extra. That really p*ssed me off.

Always appreciating a good prank, Gavin started letting his imagination run wild thinking it would be funny to set up ‘the worst delivery company in the world’, the kind which would only leave notes saying they tried and failed to deliver the parcel.

Doing just that, Abney Delivers was born.

Although Gavin’s prank project started out small, as word spread with local blogs featuring his site, it began to spiral.

Receiving hundreds of requests on his website, Gavin can see why it is such a popular idea:

Friends and family thought it was hilarious. We all had the same experiences of these companies having terrible service and useless customer service.

There’s nothing you can do about it, so I think people really enjoyed getting their own back.

I had no idea it would keep going like this. My friends keep egging my on and helping spread the word which is nice but has also kept me pretty busy with a stupid drunk idea. Turns out people really hate delivery companies.

People really do, Gavin!

While Gavin is yet to receive a response from either FedEx or UPS, he has had plenty of funny looks from people in the shops which he has concluded is the best reaction he is going to get from the couriers who ‘just don’t care anymore’.

If you would like to join in the fun and send a funny missed delivery note to a courier, you can request one on Gavin’s website.

Guy Shares Hilarious Video Pranking Drunk Students

Let’s be honest, a lot of us spent more time procrastinating at university than doing actual work.

Looking for ways to entertain themselves on a low budget, students often turn to alcohol, partying and bingeing plenty of shows on Netflix.

When 26-year-old Sam Harris from Watford was a student though, he and his 13 flatmates amused themselves by playing ‘Student Milk Fishing’, a game which has since gone viral online.

You can watch ‘Student Milk Fishing’ in action in the video below:

During his third year of studying Broadcast Journalism at Nottingham Trent University, Sam and his flatmates had grown tired of going out drinking and so stayed at home more.

With their flat situated between Nottingham train station and Ocean nightclub, Sam and his friends spent many a night people watching thanks to there always being a steady stream of drunk students walking past.

One night after having a ‘couple of B&H Greens’, Sam’s flatmate Danny Jones decided to put to use the excessive amount of empty milk bottles that were building up in their flat by tying them to string and dangling it in front of the drunk students outside.

Speaking to UNILAD, Sam revealed how exactly the game worked:

We had been thinking of different, legal, ways to mess around with the drunk passersby. I lived with a couple of product designers that had an abnormal amount of string so we started using different objects, but the milk bottle appeared to be the most appealing to other students.

The lamppost we used as a pulley device came in handy as when you looked up to see where this floating milk bottle came from, the light blinded the view of those below so they could see the bottle but not us, and we could see them. It was the perfect stealth mode.

Although many would just ignore the seemingly floating milk bottle, some would stand and stare at it for ‘a good 10 minutes’ while one group spent time trying to grab it.

Of course Sam and his mates would always hilariously pull the bottle back up, just outside of the group’s reach, every time one of them nearly got it further teasing the boozers.

As Sam admits, he wasn’t too shocked that some people were drawn in by a hovering bottle of milk as ‘alcohol can make a lot of weird things seem normal to people’.

You really have hit the nail on the head there, Sam.

When the video appeared on Sam’s Facebook memories last week, he decided to share it as a throwback on Twitter writing:

People ask me how my time at Uni was. Well I spent a lot of my time tying a milk bottle to a piece of string, throwing it over a lamppost from my flat window and teasing drunk students with it. These were the only successful group out of 50 plus videos. Enjoy.

Shame I’ve been sat on this joyous video for six years. I’m glad to have brought it into your lives. Long live the milk.

The internet of course showed their live with the video going viral receiving over 18,900 views at time of writing (October 16).

I am sure ‘Student Milk Fishing’ will be making a return soon as another group of students continue its legacy.

Young Boy Distraught As Family Get Rid Of Spider

Although there are very few poisonous spiders in Britain, many of us will tremble with fear if we spot one lurking nearby.

Considering they are pretty much harmless, it is ridiculous the amount of times I have screamed for either my parents or my boyfriend to come and remove a creepy-crawly from the house.

Either killing the intruder or quite literally chucking it outside, it honestly didn’t really matter to me what they did as long as the spider was gone. Byeeeeeeeee!

Four-year-old Thomas is clearly a better person than me then as he refused to let his mum and aunt kill a spider which they found in his room.

When Thomas’ mum Emma and his auntie Eve discovered the arachnid in his bedroom, he wouldn’t let them kill the creature meaning they decided to throw it outside instead.

But as Eve went to the bathroom window with the spider trapped under a glass, Thomas ran after her in protest yelling ‘stop, stop’ before crying when she reached outside to empty the tumbler.

You can watch what happened in the video below:

Although Eve told Thomas the spider was okay as it ‘will still be alive’, this didn’t help easing his crying. Oh, Thomas!

Speaking to UNILAD, 19-year-old Eve from Birmingham said Thomas’ reaction took both her and his mum by complete surprise.

She explained:

He is a very funny and bubbly child but he does like a whinge when he doesn’t get his own way.

Still, his reaction came to us as a full surprise as he normally asks us to throw spiders away but he has been getting into nature quite a bit after we took him out to the park as the weather was lovely that week.

We didn’t expect him to get upset at all it was never like Thomas to get upset over spiders but to be honest he absolutely loves Batman and he’d been getting into Spider-Man a lot too so I can imagine that was half of it as well.

I don’t know, maybe he thought keeping him around would turn him into Spider-Man too! His mind is so creative it wouldn’t surprise me.

To be fair Eve, I am sure it is worth taking the risk and being bitten by a radioactive spider to gain Peter Parker’s web-slinging super powers.

What kid wouldn’t want to be Spider-Man!

When Eve and Emma found another spider in Thomas’ room, this time a lot smaller than the previous intruder, they decided to let him keep it as he clearly had an affection for the creepy-crawlies.

But as Eve added, Thomas actually wasn’t too bothered about his new friend as he didn’t even notice that one day the spider had just disappeared:

Thomas was so content with it but after a while his mum started to get a little creeped out by it so we let him loose in the garden while Thomas was at school.

It’s one of them with him, he’ll love something for about a day and then completely forget about it the next.

And so by the time he’d got back from school, he hadn’t even noticed the spider had gone!

And so Thomas’ friendship with arachnids quickly came to an end…

Man Completes John O’Groats To Land’s End On Boris Bike

A man has completed the journey from John O’Groats to Land’s End on a Boris Bike to raise money for Great Ormond Street Hospital.

26-year-old Baz Bignell, who currently lives in Fulham, has taken a Boris Bike – the nickname given to the Santander Cycle public bicycle hire scheme in London – to new land on his travels.

In what he believes is the world’s longest ride on a Santander Cycle, Baz cycled the whole length of Great Britain between the two extremities crossing the finish line on September 29.

Stopping off in London to visit Great Ormond Street Hospital, which 10 years ago treated him for Crohn’s disease, Baz cycled an astonishing 1,073 miles over 14 and a half days.

Cycling for nine to 15 hours covering 70-80 miles a day, Baz even had to battle 70 miles per hour winds brought by Storm Ali.

Speaking to UNILAD, Baz explained although this part was particularly tough it was also one of his favourite moments of the journey.

You can check out some of Baz’s highlights here:

He said:

Storm Ali has to be up there with the best and the worst. I got blown off my bike and trees were falling on the road every 500 metres. It meant we had to change routes six times in total but at the same time it was hilarious.

We had the roads to ourselves, trying to cycle 140km through the Lake District in a pretty significant storm. The looks we were getting made us giggle throughout the day.

I knew it was going to be tricky with the wind but nothing like I expected though. I estimated to be averaging 10 hours cycling a day. The wind added 2 hours a day to my original prediction.

It turns out a Boris Bike isn’t the most aerodynamic vehicle.

With Transport for London lending Baz two bikes for his journey, he was grateful to have a back-up when his first one broke down three days before the end of his journey.

No modifications or adjustments were made to the bikes which each weigh 23kg and have three gears.

While Baz admits the bikes not being built for speed or long-distances were slow, they were comfortable.

However, he added: ‘that said I will be taking the Tube from now on though’.

Having previously taken part in the BBC television programme Total Wipeout and a Red Bull competition ‘Can You Make It’, Baz is no stranger to what he describes as ‘the ridiculous’.

Wanting to really test his endurance and physical strength, Baz had his eureka moment when he moved to London seeing the Boris Bikes in action.

With the encouragement of his friends and family who joined him throughout in a support vehicle, Baz completed his mission raising over £4,000 so far at time of writing (October 9) for Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Raising money for Great Ormond Street Hospital was important to Baz as they treated him following his diagnosis with Crohn’s disease which affects the digestive system.

He told UNILAD he also wanted to raise awareness of the incredible work the organisation does:

10 years ago Great Ormond Street helped me out hugely – I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and went through a tough spell in which GOSH helped me out significantly.

Great Ormond Street do this all the time, I’m not a one off. I’m raising money for young individuals that find themselves in a bit of a pickle due to illness like I did.

I wanted to raise money for the charity and also raise awareness for the amazing work they do. I hope to have been a positive story amongst many that don’t always turn out that way.

I took a diversion to visit the hospital mid-way through my journey. They loved it. I think for the nurses in particular who can see that their work really does make a difference. It’s not often they see patients after they have been treated.

While Baz will ‘definitely be doing something a little adventurous in the future’, for now he is looking forward to having a break.

You certainly deserve it!

If you would like to donate to Great Ormond Street Hospital, you can do so on Baz’s Just Giving page.

Model Can’t Leave Bedroom Or Go Outside Due To Severe Mental Health Condition

A 20-year-old model who finds herself trapped in her dark bedroom all day, everyday, has bravely opened up about her mental health journey in order to help others.

Michelle Hardy said she is currently going through the ‘worst time of my life’ and can’t do anything at all.

Despite being in constant pain and a dark room alone, Michelle wants to promote other young women to love themselves and not allow self-esteem issues to become an obstacle.

After her boyfriend cheated on her, she began suffering from depression, an eating disorder, and photophobia – a sensitivity to light – which has got so extreme that she can’t go outside, is on suicide watch, and has to be tube fed.

Talking to UNILAD about how she got to this point, Michelle said:

I always knew my boyfriend was a cheater since I met him. But I always had low self esteem and didn’t have courage to break up with him.

I caught him a few times texting girls, and he promised to stop. Everything was good for a few months, but then in April I caught him again and this time since my mental health was very bad. I got the shock reaction because I wasn’t expecting him to cheat in a time when I needed him emotionally to support me.

My mental state has never been ‘good’. I’ve always been depressed, I have a lot of mental and personality disorders, which is what probably led me to staying with him for a long time.

After the shock reaction, my mental health went to a new level, I developed new disorders and started thinking I was going crazy. The mental state I was in turned physical and it wasn’t good.

Michelle said the worst part of her situation is that she is ‘not able to do anything at all, losing all my friends, not being able to party or go out to the beach or just for a walk, being in pain and relying on medication 24/7’.

Her declining mental health soon translated into physical manifestations such as chronic migraines and photophobia where she experiences pain in her eyes due to light exposure.

Explaining her photophobia, Michelle said:

I cant go out at all not even during night. Like I cant even go in the restroom with the lights on for a long period of time because it triggers really bad headaches or migraines and it hurts my eyes a lot.

I go to the doctor weekly and so every time I go to or when I went to the hospital, and emergency room visits (I go there a lot too) I wear a bandage around my eyes, and my boyfriend or whoever is taking me has to guide me and hold my hand or just carry me.

I don’t know when I will be able to leave my room without a bandage around my eyes and feel the sun and the breeze, it seems impossible to me, but I need to have hope that my life isn’t over it, I don’t want it to be.

Michelle feels her life is ‘hopeless’ but is not giving up, and wants to empower teenage girls to love themselves.

She said she sees a lot of people, especially young girls, who don’t love themselves and due to their insecurity issues, they ‘rely on boys who hurt them’.

She explained her message to others:

A lot of people don’t take mental health seriously, [they] don’t ask for help or keep doing things to themselves that hurt them.

If I would’ve broken up with my boyfriend, asked for help and learned to love myself, I’m sure I wouldn’t be in this hell I am in.

People need to learn to not take things for granted. Even taking a walk out in the sun is something not everyone can do.

Girls need to learn to accept themselves and not let anyone tell them they’re not beautiful or hurt them in any way especially when it comes to abusive relationships, those can hurt you bad. Ask for help before it’s too late.

Though Michelle doesn’t see much hope for herself, her family are very supportive and are looking after her.

She decided to stay living at home with her parents because unfamiliar environments are uncomfortable and she has to see many doctors daily.

Due to her health issues, Michelle had to stop modelling and her job at the haunted trail. She has to rely on her parents until she is in a more stable place.

Despite her boyfriend cheating on her, Michelle has stayed with him. She explained it is not something she would recommend but she ‘did it and he’s very supportive now and [she] thinks he finally opened his eyes to the dangers of hurting others’.

She said ‘sometimes when it gets too isolated or I feel way to depressed he comes over to keep me company but its definitely not the same. We can’t go out on dates, or adventures, we’re in a dark room, I’m hurt and in pain and he’s just there’.

She explained that she is learning to love herself:

Of course I would never want to stay with a cheater, or anyone who hurts me, I have to learn to respect myself.

Fixing things with my boyfriend is not what I recommend or what anyone would recommend, but I’m learning to love myself and not be insecure.

We hope Michelle makes a recovery and is soon able to do the things she enjoys.

If you have been affected by the content in this article and want support with eating disorders, you can call the BEAT helpline on 0808 801 0677.

Girl Finds Creepy Line Of Dead Wasps Spelling Out ‘Hi’

People are pretty weird, in fact I know someone who keeps a small pot of dead wasps, I never asked for what purpose though.

Maybe it was so that they could leave super creepy messages spelt with them to passers-by like Glaswegian Sophie Dagleish.

The 20-year-old art student was walking through her university whens she noticed a freaky line of dead wasps, which later evolved into something darker as the days went on.

Talking about when she first stumbled upon the creepy wasps, Sophie said:

Basically what happened was me and my pal were walking up the stairs in our uni and we started noticing like one dead wasp on each stair and we were like wtf a trail of dead wasps.

We started saying it was like something out a horror film.

The art students were laughing about the horror-esque scene in their studio, while another colleague noticed a pile of them at the door, suggesting that there must have been a nest somewhere close by.

Sophie then explained how it got even creepier the next day:

We went up to look and he was right and there was genuinely this massive pile of dead wasps, literally about 20.

So the next day I totally forgot about it and was walking up the same stairs and spotted someone had moved them into the word ‘hi’.

I was totally freaked out but walked into my studio crying with laughter I couldn’t believe it, it was super weird, like someone actually took time out of their day to do that.

She posted about the dead wasps on Twitter, saying:

So there’s a door in my uni that had a big f**king minging pile of dead wasps at it for the past few days and I just walked by it and someone has honestly moved all the DEAD WASPS into the word ‘hi’. F**king art school man it’s too weird,

The wasps were still there a few days after Sophie posted the photo on Twitter but the creepy culprit was never found.

Sophie spoke about the reaction she had to her photo:

I never found out who did it unfortunately. Everyone has found it hilarious and proper weird but see honestly, I wouldn’t expect anything less at art school. I absolutely love it here though, it’s mental but it’s good.

Whoever it was, I’m sure they’ll be glad that their prank caused a buzz online (sorry).

Woman Runs For First Time After Being Diagnosed With Cancer And Losing Her Leg

A young woman who lost her leg after suffering from a rare form of cancer has shared an inspirational video of herself running again for the first time.

25-year-old Marisa Cogswell from Austin, Texas, was diagnosed with having synovial sarcoma last year, a form of cancer which affects only one in a million people worldwide.

With the disease occurring primarily in either the arms or legs, often near the knee, Marisa had to go through six rounds of chemotherapy and have a below the knee amputation of her left foot as treatment.

Before her diagnosis Marisa loved running, heading out for a jog every single day, training to do a 5K before she found out she was pregnant.

While Marisa wanted to get back to training after giving birth to her daughter, her plans had to change following her diagnosis.

Now having been given a prosthetic leg, over a year after her amputation Marisa ran for the first time jogging down a corridor in the hospital.

You can watch a video of the emotional moment here:

Sharing the video on Reddit, Marisa was glad when it went viral receiving over 4,900 upvotes at time of writing (November 5).

Speaking to UNILAD, Marisa explained why she shared the video saying she hoped it would inspire others who are in a similar situation:

It has certainly been a long and chaotic journey but I’m glad I’m still here for my daughter. Prior to being diagnosed I was depressed about life and my situation but now I feel like I’m actually living. I am so grateful for everything I have.

Now that I have my permanent leg I can finally reach my goal of competing in a 5K. I told my physical therapist that my goal was to run again and I am so happy I am getting there.

Running for the first time felt amazing. To be able to do something I loved again after everything I had been through felt like a well deserved accomplishment.

That moment is truly special to me. I also hoped my video would encourage and inspire others that they too can truly accomplish anything if they truly want it.

Marisa admits that while she does have low days with anxiety still being a part of her life, it doesn’t ‘control’ her in the way it did before her diagnosis and having one leg won’t stop her from living.

Her positivity and optimism really is inspiring!

Although now Marisa is positive from recently celebrating being nine months free of cancer, her diagnosis was both devastating and shocking.

Having had a bump on her left foot for years, doctors always wrote it off as a cyst. It was only when a podiatrist offering to remove it did they discover it was cancerous.

Marisa told UNILAD she feared the worst when she was given the news:

Even though I had cancer in the back of my mind it just didn’t seem real. When he sat me down in the room the first words he said to me was ‘well, you have cancer’. Everything he said after that just went over my head.

My mind went straight to my six-weeks old daughter. I didn’t want to die and leave my daughter motherless. At that point we had no idea if the cancer had spread so I felt like I had been given a death sentence.

I had this bump for years, so I just assumed it was everywhere else. Luckily, I had a CT scan the next day that said I was clear and I could take a small breath. I knew I still had chemotherapy ahead of me but it didn’t feel like this sarcoma was a death sentence anymore. I could tackle it.

While Marisa does worry her cancer may return, for now she is just living her best life and is looking forward to the day she can compete in that 5K.

We’re sure it won’t be long now Marisa! Keep staying strong!